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Matt Allen works with a number of National, Provincial, and Club Sport Organizations on developing diversity and inclusion initiatives, policy development, and strategic direction to make their sport a safe place for all coaches and athletes. He is the C0-Chair of You Can Play Canada-East and a National leader in diversity and inclusion in sport in Canada.

He is the Chief Innovation Officer with the Professional Golfers’ Association of Canada, overseeing coach education, player development, all special projects coming out of the national office as well as the key contact for the PGA of Canada’s nine zones and other key industry stakeholders both nationally and internationally.

Matt is the Assistant Coach with the USA Men’s National Softball Team and the Head Coach for the Laurier University Women’s Softball team in Waterloo.

He sits on a number of sport development committees including the Softball Ontario Coaching Committee, a National Executive Committee member with the Coaching Association of Canada, Golf Canada Sport Development Committee, and is the President of the Ontario Intercollegiate Women’s Fastpitch and founding member of the Canadian Collegiate Softball Association.


Danièle Sauvageau has done undercover narcotics work for the Montreal Urban Police, busted a squad car full of drug dealers, and even ordered a forced entry and rescue of a double agent whose life was in jeopardy. Hardly the resume you’d expect for the first head coach of the Canadian Women’s Olympic Team to lead them to gold in fifty years. Proving her ability to lead―whether hunting down criminals or on the ice― Sauvageau draws on her expertise in situation assessment, coaching, leadership, communication and the formation of winning teams to help audiences achieve success.

Sauvageau’s passion, instinct, and leadership were instrumental in the historic win by the Canadian women’s hockey team at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. As general manager and coach, she transformed a fear of losing into an absolute desire for victory―a radical turnaround that enabled her players to achieve their Olympic dream. She has taken part in six Olympic Games, as women’s hockey coach, general manager and coaching consultant. She played a key role in the team’s wins in seven consecutive world championships, and in the silver medal they won at the Nagano Olympics.

Sauvageau was the spokesperson for the Coaching Association of Canada and a member of the Coaches of Canada, as well as serving on the board of directors for Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Olympics bid.

In 2013, Sauvageau was named an Officer of the Order of Canada for her contribution to the advancement and development of women’s hockey in Quebec and Canada.

For 28 years, Sauvageau has served with the RCMP and Montreal’s police department, including the narcotics division, and currently works as advisor to the strategic development department. She is a well-known figure in the media and is often asked to comment on developments in hockey and elite sports in general. She is also the co-author of The Golden Tears, the Journey to the Olympics.


Dr. Stephen Norris is a leading performance consultant/conversationalist and applied sport scientist who is much sought after as pivotal speaker and presenter internationally.

Stephen focuses upon the understanding and creation of sustainable systems and cultures aimed at performance and excellence. These are areas of attention for both sport and business endeavours as organizations move from early inspiration to continual implementation of specific processes, behaviours, and habits.

Stephen has an extensive experience of physical activity, sport, and recreation from grass roots, stand-alone, initiatives through to sophisticated, long-term, elite systems and programs. Stephen is also a qualified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator and utilizes this method in a highly customized manner to assist performance groups (corporate, sport and military) become more effective in the pursuit and achievement of their specific objectives.

Stephen is currently the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Alberta SportConnection (the Crown agency responsible for sport in Alberta) and professionally works with Swim Alberta, the PGA of America, Hockey Canada, and a select group of international corporations.