We are interested in working with COACH +. Now what?2018-09-24T14:31:52-04:00

Simply click here to contact us with whichever way is easiest for you.

Can a club or association assign a title position to Glenn such as Director of Coaching, Technical Director or something different?2018-09-24T14:30:57-04:00

Yes, for sure. Many organizations don’t have the capacity to fill such positions within their structures. In recent years, coach development has become professionalized, and while it’s a growing field, few people have the background to offer high quality support of coaches.

Glenn is an international leader in coach development and would be proud to represent your organization with a title or position as you see appropriate.

How will the coaches be trained?2018-09-24T14:30:26-04:00

Training coaches and club administrators can happen in many different ways. Depending on whether training is done locally, remotely or a combination of both training may be done in any of the following ways:

• On/in the playing surface
• Classroom-type sessions
• Skype meetings
• Webinars
• Coach observations in training, at practice and/or in competition
• Blogs and vlogs
• Custom articles

You can’t know all the technical and tactical content for every sport. How do you manage that?2018-09-24T14:27:31-04:00

This is a common question. For the most part, the skills and competencies coaches need to be effective is very similar sport to sport, regardless of team, individual, winter or summer sport. That said, we understand that having strong technical and tactical skills is very important.

In order to support your organization and coaches with technical and tactical content we will reach out to leading coaches from your sport. They may be known regional, provincial or even national coaches, who are strong in your sport and also people who enjoy sharing and supporting other coaches

We are currently doing some support for our coaches. Why do we need COACH +?2018-09-24T14:26:52-04:00

This is a perfect scenario! Generally speaking, clubs and associations that do currently support their coaches are often looking for a bit more help.

If organizations are training coaches, more often than not, are focusing on the technical and tactical portions of coaching. COACH + would not replace what is currently happening but building on it.

One of the key features of COACH + services is that they are developed and delivered using evidenced-informed, adult learning principles – assuring adults are learning in an environment they enjoy and have high levels of learning.

How does pricing work?2018-09-24T14:25:11-04:00

When we say we will customize training and support to your organization, we mean it. Pricing is directly related to what your organization needs and wants.

In order to determine the steps and support required to meet your needs we will complete the first two stages of seven-stage COACH + training map.



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